6 Different Ways To Consume Chickpeas

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October 13, 2021

We are here to help if cans of chickpeas have been gazing at you from your cupboard shelves for far too long. Canned chickpeas are a cheap protein to keep on hand in an emergency, but they stay around for far too long. Chickpeas have many health benefits, and you must consume them. To add these to your diet, you must have these from a reliable chickpeas supplier. Most people think of hummus when they think of chickpeas, but it is not the only thing you can do with them.

How to use chickpeas:

Baked Products:

Most probably, you may have never considered using legumes in your brownies. Chickpeas work perfectly in everything from bread to cakes, thanks to their creamy texture when finely mashed. Incorporating pure chickpeas into the basis of baked goods is a novel method to boost protein and fiber while satisfying a sweet taste. Chickpeas give moisture to fast bread and cakes, and they can even be used instead of flour in many baked products to make naturally gluten-free treats.


Chickpeas may come to mind as a salad element at your local salad bar, but it is unlikely to be the first item on your grocery list. The combination combines both complex carbs and protein for a unique, pleasant, and nutritious lunch. Instead of traditional mayo-heavy or high-sodium vinaigrette salads, toss in beans, veggies, and avocado topped with olive oil and lime juice.

Energy Bites:

Many people turn to energy bites for pre-or post-workout snacks, or for something quick to grab and go when they are in a hurry. But regrettably, many no-bake energy bites contain high-sugar products like dates as the base. While adding dates or honey for a bit of sweetness is fine, using chickpeas as the base for no-bake goodies provides protein, fiber, and not a lot of sugar. So, they truly deliver sustained energy without a crash.


While processed protein powders may appear to be the simplest method to bulk up your pre-or post-workout smoothie, chickpeas are also a simple option. As chickpeas have a pretty neutral flavor, they may add low-sugar bulk, fiber, natural protein, and dairy-free creaminess. These are added if someone is avoiding dairy, lactose-intolerant, or vegan to practically any smoothie recipe. Including chickpeas in your morning smoothie makes it more filling and assures you won’t crash before lunchtime.

Sweet Stuffed Potatoes:

While a stuffed potato is made with a carb-heavy white potato smothered in meat, cheese, and sour cream, a lighter variation uses sweet potato and stuffs it with chickpeas. It makes a satisfying vegan supper if you are into it.


This recipe uses the remaining liquid from canned chickpeas rather than the chickpeas themselves. So, if someone makes any of the previous recipes, they may avoid wasting the liquid by using it instead of throwing it down the drain. The whipped chickpea juice forms a simple vegan meringue that can be used to make a vegan chocolate mousse or even an egg-free float for Pisco Sours! For a healthy choice that won’t induce bloating, use salt-free canned chickpeas.

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