February 16, 2021
February 16, 2021


Reliable Wood Pellets Supplier

JSC SUEK is a leading wood pellets supplier in Russia. We manufacture quality wood pellets and other products at our manufacturing facility. Our plant for softwood pellet makes our premium and 100% Softwood pellets. You can rely on our pellet plant to offer only the best softwood pellets.

Wood pellets serve you a wide range of functions in everyday life. We manufacture and sell wood pellets for two different purposes:

Heating Pellets: Classic softwood and hardwood pellets provide affordable and clean energy. It keeps the home warm all winter. You can use our pellets without worrying about a high heating bill. Hardwood pellets burn at a bit lower temperature compared to softwood pellets. However, it can be more stable. Also, softwood pellets generate a bit more heat for unusually cold days.

Professional Wood Pellets Supplier

We, as a wood pellets supplier, have established supply chain assures you get regular and reliable deliveries of wood pellets throughout the winter season. Our low ash, low moisture, and high-density wood pellets are produced from 100% virgin timber and satisfy stringent sustainability standards. Our multiple grades of pellets give customers access to the fuel quality they need when and where they need it.

We have significantly invested in our delivery and ordering systems to offer the best possible customer service. Our employees, the face of our business, are proud ambassadors of JSC SUEK who take a proactive approach towards efficient and safe delivery of wood fuel.

Bulk Delivery Service of Wood Pellets

We spend considerable time considering the best and least disruptive way of getting your wood pellets delivered to you. We always try our best to keep your fuel store full. While most biomass pellet deliveries are made through large 8 wheelers, we have an array of various methods to get into tighter spaces. We will work with you to get the most efficient way to send your wood pellet directly to your store.

Don’t worry about your priority deliveries. We make sure to deliver even at the peak heating season’s demand. Opt for JSC SUEK for full peace of mind whatever the weather brings.


High quality 100% biofuel wood pellets
1. Low moisture, ash and sulfur
2, 100% made by high heat value pine dust saw
3, long burning time, high energy content
4, minimum carbon dioxide, provide a fresh environment.
5, after burns, ash can be used as fertilizer, not harmful to the environment.
Wood pellets for sale

The product’s name: Wood Pellets (wood pellets, pellets)
Main materials: Pine and various wood mixtures
Diameter: 6-8 mm
Length: ≤40mm
Net calorific value (depending on obtained): Min. 3980 kcal / kg
Order volume unit: Min. 600
Humidity: <10%
Ash content : Max. 3.0%
Sulfur content : Max. 0.05%
Chlorine: Max. 0.05%
Ash temperature, IDT Min. 1150 ° c
Nitrogen content (dry basis) : Max. 0.5%
Packaging: Ton bag 24 tons / container 40’HC;
Woven bag 25 kg, 24 tons / container 40’HC
Unpacked 26 tons / container
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